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Suffering from Knee Pain in Old Age? Here are Homeopathic Remedies

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Knee pain is normal in old age though it may affect persons of any age. The main reason for knee pain in old age is wear and tear and degenerative changes in the structures of the knee joint. The most common reason behind knee pain in elderly people is osteoarthritis in which the knee cartilage (a cushion with a rubbery consistency that allows smooth movement of the bones in the joints) degenerates resulting in rubbing together of the bones that collectively make up the knee joint. Additionally, the elderly who are overweight and obese and those who have a family history of osteoarthritis are more at risk. Besides, old people may suffer knee pain from several forms of arthritis (joint inflammation) like rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Rheumatoid arthritis refers to an autoimmune joint disorder resulting in swelling, pain, and stiffness of the joints that usually starts from the small joints and tends to affect the large joints from the knee afterward. Gout indicates joint inflammation that happens from an increase of uric acid levels and accumulation of monosodium urate crystals in the joints.

Pseudogout, meniscus tear and bursitis are other reasons behind knee pain in old age. Pseudogout is a type of joint inflammation that occurs from the accumulation of calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate crystals in the joints and meniscus tear refers to tear of the meniscus i.e. the cartilage present between the thigh bone and the shin bone (i.e. tibia present in the leg) in knee joint. Bursitis indicates inflammation of the bursa i.e. the fluid-filled sac around the joint that lubricates the joint and allows easy and smooth movement of the bones of the joint when doing movement of joint). Knee pain in old age can be attended by other signs and symptoms depending on the cause behind it. These include swelling, stiffness of the knee, reduced mobility of the knee joint and crackling sounds from the knee heard on knee movement.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy is very effective in managing knee pain in old age. Homeopathic medicines help magnificently in managing knee pain as well as other associated signs and symptoms like swelling, stiffness, redness, heat of the knee. These medicines also help in reducing any inflammation present in the knee joint. Though these medicines cannot reverse the damage/degeneration that has already happened in the joint structures but can help to halt further progression of the joint damage. These medicines are entirely safe to use as these are prepared from naturally occurring substances. These have zero side effects. Homeopathic medicines are selected for every individual case separately after detailed case evaluation based on the symptom presentation that varies from case to case. So, it is advised to use any homeopathic medicines under supervision of a homeopathic physician and avoid self-medication.

Homeopathic Medicines For Knee Pain In Old Age

1. Bryonia – For knee Pain Worse From Movement

Bryonia is a highly recommended medicine to manage cases of knee pain in the elderly people. The characteristic feature to use this medicine is worsening of knee pain from least movement and relief from absolute rest. Along with pain, redness and swelling in the knee can be present. The nature of pain is stitching type in most cases. It is felt more while walking. The knees are also red and swollen. The inner side of the knee is also sensitive to touch. A tense feeling in the bend of the knee can be felt too. Pain in the knee is worse in the evening in most of the cases needing this medicine.

2. Rhus Tox – With Marked Knee Stiffness

Rhus Tox is an effective medicine for managing knee pain when knees are very stiff along with pain.  A prominent feature to use this medicine is when knee pain is worse at rest and when starting to walk. There is relief when walking continuously. Burning or tearing type of pain occurs in the knees. A stitching pain is also felt in the knee when standing after sitting. Heaviness is felt in the hollow of the knee and the calf muscles. Knees are also swollen along with the above complaints. On stretching the leg, cracking sound is heard from the knee. The knees can be tender to touch as well.

3. Calcarea Carb – When Swelling, Redness And Heat Attends Pain

This medicine is useful when along with pain, the knees have swelling, redness and heated sensation. This mainly is observed at night. The knees become sensitive to touch. The nature of pain varies from case to case and can be stitching, tearing or stinging type. Pain occurs when sitting as well while walking. There are crackling sounds from the knee on the right side while walking. Cramps can be felt in the bend of the knees.

4. Causticum – With Crackling Sounds From Knees When Walking

Causticum is a helpful medicine when there is knee pain with crackling sounds from the knees while walking. A drawing type of pain occurs in the knees that extends down to the ankles. Stiffness is marked in the hollow of the knees. Knees become stiff while walking. The tendons of the knees feel short.

5. Arnica – For Knee Pain On Slight Touch

Arnica is highly considered when there is pain in the knees from slight touching of the knee. Prickling pain is felt in the knee on touching. The knee might bend while standing. The knees feel swollen. Tension is felt in the knees as if occurring from contracted tendons.

6. Benzoic Acid – For Pain From High Uric Acid Levels

This medicine is suitable when there is knee pain in cases of high uric acid level. Knee swelling is well marked where this medicine is required. Knees feel dry accompanied by a crackling sound when moving the knee. Pain occurs initially in the right knee followed by the left-sided knee. Drawing pain is felt in the knees mostly in cases needing this medicine.

7. Osteo-Arthritic-Nosode – For cases of osteoarthritis

This medicine is of particular use in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee. In cases needing it knee pain is attended with swelling. Along with this, there is stiffness in the knees and limited range of motion.

8. Kali Carb – With Difficulty In Going Up And Downstairs

Kali Carb is of great help when there is difficulty in walking up and downstairs, along with knee pain. Tearing type of pain is felt in the knees. Dull sort of pain appears on the sides of the knee. It occurs while walking and when extending the legs.

9. Ledum Pal – For Knee Pain Better From Cold Applications

Ledum Pal is a beneficial medicine for cases in which knee pain is relieved by cold applications on the knee. The knees feel sore (painful to touch). Pressure is felt on the knees on movement. Knee joints also feel weak compelling the sufferer to sit down. Swelling on the knees occurs when walking, along with pain. In some cases, the pain from the knee may extend to hip joint. Stitching or pressive pain is usually felt in the knees where this medicine is needed.

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