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Plantago Major: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

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Homeopathic medicine Plantago Major is prepared from a plant ‘plantain or ribwort’. It belongs to family Plantaginaceae. For preparing this medicine, the plantain plant is potentized as per homeopathic formula that arouses its medicinal properties. After this process, we get a very important homeopathic medicine Plantago Majus. It is of special service in managing complaints of toothache, nerve pain (neuralgia) in face, earache and bedwetting.

Drug Action

Plantago Major acts very well on the teeth. It also shows good results on the ears and face. Other than this, it acts well on the urinary organs, and skin.

Clinical Indications

Toothaches, teeth grinding, neuralgia, earache, ear inflammation, gumboils, bedwetting, polyuria

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Dental Problems (Toothache, Teeth Grinding)

The foremost action of Plantago Major is seen on the teeth. It is a top-grade medicine for managing certain dental problems. Among these problems, it is a leading homeopathic medicine to relieve toothache. It is also well-suited in case of toothache, particularly, when a tooth is decaying. It gets better when one starts eating. One may report boring or digging type of pain in the tooth. It is mostly accompanied by profuse flow of saliva. It is helpful when the teeth on the left side feel sore and elongated. Plantago also offers help in cases of aching in a decayed wisdom tooth. It is well indicated, especially, for decayed wisdom tooth in the left lower jaw. The pain from the tooth shoots up to the left side of the face towards the side of head and the ear. Another characteristic symptom for its use is toothache accompanied by neuralgia (nerve pain) of the eyelids. Excessive redness of the face may also be an accompanying factor. Further, the use of this medicine is recommended to manage grinding of teeth at night time. Lastly, it is a valuable medicine for management of cases of gumboils (pus filled bump that develop on the gums).

Key Indicating Features

Toothache to a decayed tooth

Toothache gets better while eating

Aching in decayed wisdom tooth, especially in the left lower jaw

Toothache accompanied by nerve pain of the eyelids

2. Facial Concerns (Nerve Pain, Eruptions)

Plantago acts wonderfully on the face. It manages really well nerve pain that especially occurs on the left side of the face. It is well-indicated when the pain travels from the jaw to the ear. The pain can be shooting or tearing in nature. It can also be used in case the pain is aching or when the pain is a result of a bruise, particularly, on the right side of the face. It is also used to deal with cases of red, small, rough, and scaly patches on the facial skin. Mostly these are present on the left side of the face. It also proves beneficial in case of dry, scaly eruptions that may form on the lower lip.

Key Indicating Features

Nerve pain on the left side of the face from the jaw to ear

Aching or pain occurring due to a bruise on the right side of the face

Red, small, rough, and scaly patches on the left side of the face

Dry, and scaly eruptions on the lower lip

3. Ear Problems (Earache, Acute Hearing, Ringing in Ears)

It can effectively manage pain in the ear. It is mainly indicated for pain in the right ear. The pain is sharp, and twinging (sharp pain occurs suddenly). It is accompanied by pain in the face and teeth. It can also be used for pain in the ear that travels from one ear to the other. It can also be used in cases the hearing is bad, and the noises are painful. Lastly, it may help in cases if there is ringing in the ears.

Key Indicating Features

Earache accompanied by pain in the face, and teeth

Acute hearing and noises painful

Ringing in the ears

4. Urinary Issues (Bedwetting, Irritable Bladder)

It is helpful in managing some urinary issues. Plantago is an excellent medicine that can be administered in cases of bedwetting. There is passage of copious urine. It arises owing to a weak sphincter around the urethral opening. White sediments may be present in the urine. Secondly, its use is indicated in cases of irritable bladder accompanied by frequent urination. Besides these, it can be given in cases there is tenderness in the kidney region if there is pressure.

Key Indicating Features


Irritable bladder with frequent urination

Tenderness in the kidney region if there is pressure

5. Skin Complaints (Itching, Vesicles, Rough Skin)

If we talk of skin concerns, Plantago offers help in managing intense itching on the skin that gets worse at night. Pricking and stinging pain may attend it. After scratching, burning sensation is felt on the skin. This medicine is also useful to manage vesicles (fluid-filled bumps) on the hands and face. It also has a tendency to heal skin eruptions that ooze a yellow fluid and form a crust. Besides these, it can manage cases where red, rough, scaly patches form on the face mostly on left side.

Key Indicating Features

Intense itching on the skin worse at night

Skin eruptions that ooze a yellow fluid and form a crust

Red, rough, scaly patches on the face mostly on left side


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse at night, from heat and cold, motion and mental exertion

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from sleep


Use of this medicine is recommended in mother tincture form and lower potencies. Its use is also suggested as an external application in case of toothache.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Merc Sol

It antidotes: Apis Mellifica, Rhus Tox and Tabacum

It can be compared with medicines Chamomilla, Spigelia, Colocynth and Kalmia in cases of nerve pain (neuralgia)

It can also be compared with medicines Belladonna, Equisetum and Causticum in cases of bedwetting.

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