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Natrum Carbonicum: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

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The remedy Natrum Carbonicum is derived from sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is inert in its crude form. When it undergoes potentization (process of preparing homeopathic medicines by arousing the medicinal properties of a crude substance), it is converted into a highly valuable homeopathic medicine Natrum Carbonicum. It is a very effective medicine to manage several health issues. Some of these are sun headache, depression, certain women-related issues mainly infertility, and various gastric issues mainly milk allergy.

The ‘Natrum Carbonicum’ Constitution

It is well suited to those who dislike open air. It is also suitable for persons having aversion to any exercise either physical or mental.

Drug Action

Natrum Carbonicum acts on various body parts. It acts wonderfully on the mind, head, female genitals, gastric system, and skin. Other than this, it acts well on the nose and the limbs.

Clinical Indications

Depression, headache, leucorrhoea, infertility, dysmenorrhoea, food allergies, milk allergies, diarrhea, colic, flatulence, heartburn, belching, acidity, indigestion, warts, vesicles, ulcers, freckles, herpes, cold, post nasal discharge, joint pain, sprains.

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Mind Complaints (Depression, Weak Memory)

Natrum Carbonicum acts well on the mind to help cases of depression. In such cases, it is indicated when there is excessive sadness, and constant sad thoughts in mind. Thoughts of suicide may be present as well. There is indifferent behaviour and aversion to society, besides anxiety. A feeling of being forsaken can also be present. Natrum Carb can handle well cases of weak memory and difficult concentration. It becomes impossible to do any sort of mental work. There is also difficulty in grasping, and combining ideas while reading or listening. In general, there is marked sensitivity to music, and nervousness, anxiety during thunderstorm.

Key Indications

Depression with excessive sadness, constant sad thoughts and thoughts of suicide

Weak memory and difficult concentration

Marked sensitivity to music

Nervousness, anxiety during thunderstorm

2. Head (Headache)

This medicine acts magnificently on the head to help relieve headache. It is best suited to manage headache that occurs from exposure to sunlight and in hot weather. It is also helpful when headache follows slightest mental exertion. The pain is mainly felt in the forehead with nausea. There is a feeling of tension/pressure on the head as if the forehead is about to burst. Head feels too large. In some cases, pain along the forehead is felt on the sides and on top of the head. It is accompanied by vertigo and excessive physical weakness. Lastly, in some cases pain from the back of the head may radiate to the top of the head (vertex).

Key Indicating Features

Headache from exposure to sunlight

Headache in hot weather

Headache from slightest mental exertion

3. Women’s Issues (Leucorrhoea, Infertility, Painful Menses)

Natrum Carbonicum treats various women-related issues. It is very effective in managing cases of leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge). It is well indicated when there is an occurrence of a thick yellow ropy vaginal discharge. The discharge causes irritation in vagina and has an offensive smell. The problem gets better after urination. Bearing down sensation in uterus may be felt. Its use is highly recommended in cases of infertility. It is specifically indicated when infertility is a result of non-retention of semen inside the vagina. Another indication for its use is scanty menses that may come early or late varying from case to case. The menses looks like meat washings. Lastly, it is useful in cases of painful menses (dysmenorrhea). It works well when there is pain in abdomen and lower back during menses.

Key Indicating Features

Vaginal discharges that are thick yellow ropy

Infertility due to non-retention of semen inside vagina

Pain in abdomen and lower back during menses

4. Gastric Issues (Gas, Pain, Heartburn, Food Allergy, Diarrhoea)

Natrum Carb has a magnificent action on gastric system. To begin with, it proves to be highly effective in cases of excessive gas, and bloating. Secondly, it is very beneficial in managing pain in the abdomen. Relief in abdomen pain, especially, from eating or warm application is the guiding feature for its use. Thirdly, it can be used in case of acidity accompanied by sour belching, heartburn and vomiting of bitter substance. It gives relief in cases of heartburn that occurs after eating fatty food. It manages food allergies very well. Among the allergies, it is most useful with regard to complaints of diarrhea and vomiting after milk intake. It also acts well on the  rectum. It can be given in cases of diarrhea milk intake which is the most characteristic feature for its use. The stool is gushing that passes suddenly with much noise. Before passing of stool, cutting pain in the upper abdomen is felt. After one is relieved, burning and cutting pain is felt in the rectum, and anus. Apart from these, it is a prominent medicine for children who cannot tolerate milk.

Key Indicating Features

Excessive gas that moves in the abdomen with pain, and bloating

Pain in abdomen better from eating or warmth

Heartburn after eating fatty food

Milk allergy when diarrhea and vomiting arise from milk intake

Inability to tolerate milk in children

5. Skin Complaints (Warts, Vesicles, Ulcers, Freckles, Dryness)

This medicine proves to be very effective in treating certain skin complaints. It can be used in cases of warts (skin growths caused by human papilloma virus) that ulcerate and are sensitive to touch. It can be given in cases of vesicles on skin too. Vesicles are fluid-filled bumps on skin. Here its use is considered for red vesicles attended with itching and shooting type of pain. Another complaint where it proves to be successful is skin ulcers. To use it in skin ulcers, the indications to look for are ulcers with redness, swelling, inflammation, burning and pain. Prickling and pulsating sensation is also felt in these ulcers. In some cases, there occurs yellow pus from ulcers with putrid smell. Person having freckles with light brown spots on face may find this medicine beneficial. Lastly, it gives excellent results in cases of skin dryness, roughness with cracks.

Key Indicating Features

Warts that ulcerate and are sensitive to touch

Red vesicles with itching and shooting type of pain

Skin ulcers with redness swelling, inflammation, burning, pain, prickling and pulsating sensation

Freckles with light brown spots on face

Skin dryness, roughness with cracks

6. Nose (Post Nasal Discharge, Cold, Herpes Eruptions)

Natrum Carb is mainly helpful in treating post-nasal discharge (mucus dripping from back of nose into the throat). It is thick yellow, green having foul smell. Its another remarkable indication is a cold worse from slight draft of air. There occurs constant discharge from the nose. The nasal discharge has a bad odor. There may occur violent sneezing. It is of great service in cases of herpes eruptions (caused by a varicella zoster virus) that occur on nose, on lips and around the mouth.

Key Indicating Features

Post nasal discharge that is thick yellow, green having foul smell

Cold worse from slight draft of air

Constant discharge from nose having a bad odor

Herpes eruptions on nose, on lips and around the mouth

7. Limbs (Sprains, Locomotor Ataxia)

Lastly, its action is noted on limbs. The most important action is to help cases of old sprains (overstretching or tearing of ligaments i.e. the tissue which connects two bones together). Those needing it have easy spraining of ankles. It is also well suited to alleviate pain in hollow of the knee. This pain gets worse on movement. Besides these, it is known to be helpful for cases of locomotor ataxia with pain and unsteady gait. Ataxia is lack of muscle control over voluntary movements.

Key Indicating Features

Easy spraining of ankles

Pain in hollow of knee on motion

Locomotor ataxia with pain and unsteady gait


Worsening factors: complaints are worse from heat of sun, from milk intake, from noise, music, getting wet, change of weather and from exertion

Relieving factors: complaints are better from eating, motion, rubbing and pressure


This medicine can be used in both low and high potency. In low potency, one can repeat it frequently. But in high potencies it should not be repeated often.

Relationship With Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Arsenic Album and Camphor

It antidotes: China Officinalis

Followed well by: Calcarea Carb, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Nitric Acid, Sepia, Selenium and Sulphur

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