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Matt Forges his ABS Journeyman's Test Knives - Part 1

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Matt starts forging his American Bladesmith Society Journeyman test knife set. First by using the process that he also used and next by using the techniques that Ilya showed in the last your edge video. Matt also forged, heat treats and grinds his ABS performance knife and performs the 2x4 chop test and the 90 degree bend test. Matt has not forged a blade in almost a year, so lets see if he is up to the task! This is not a how to forge a knife video, but it will give you some ideas. Matt doesn't use 100 percent proper form during this forging, but perhaps after watching this video he will correct some things. Please watch the latest Your Edge video to learn how to better forge a knife by hand! 👉Visit to purchase our new T shirt. 💖 Join Our Discord 🔥That Works Patreon - Thanks to our shop sponsors: 🔥 Red Label Abrasives - Brodebeck Ironworks Grinders - Harris Torches - Evenheat Kilns - Lincoln Electric - ISOtunes - save $10 with code ThatWorks10 - Pepe Tools - Videos Shot, Produced and edited by - Matt Stagmer Co-producer -Chris Cash Blacksmith - Chris Cash -------------------------------------------------------------------- Helpful purchase links for creators and craftsmen A Great Starter Anvil - Camera Starter Pack for Content Creators - Great Forge for Beginner or pro - Snazzy Safety Glasses - Chris' Favorite Face shield - Rigid Double Horn Anvil - Powerline Video Editing Software - -------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by - Epidemic Sound Help support the channel and us as artists by becoming a patreon. 🔥That Works Patreon - Follow us on Instagram to track progress on these and other projects. #abs #thatworks #blacksmith Matt's Instagram - Ilya's Instagram - Chris' Instagram -
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