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Making a Bunch of Knives - [Path to JS] - Shop Update 7/29

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In this video Matt and Ilya team up to make a bunch of knives. Ilya forges the blades and Matt grinds them and finishes them out with guards and handles. We also show some shop upgrades such as a new milling machine and new concrete floor. Ilya gives some pointers on how to forge a preform for a bowie knife. Matt shows how to fancy a blade up with "filework" done on the grinder. Matt pours a pewter bolster and much much more. We even show on of Chris' restored Fisher Chain vices with a custom stand that he made from an old dead tool. Blacksmithing bladesmithing and making a bunch of knives while Matt is on his path to his JS stamp in the ABS. To purchase these knives that we made today - Thanks to our shop sponsors: Red Label Abrasives - Brodebeck Ironworks Grinders - Harris Torches - Evenheat Kilns - Lincoln Electric - ISOtunes - save $10 with code ThatWorks10 - Pepe Tools - Videos Shot, Produced and edited by - Matt Stagmer Co-producer - Ilya Alekseyev Blacksmith - Chris Cash -------------------------------------------------------------------- Helpful purchase links for creators and craftsmen A Great Starter Anvil - Camera Starter Pack for Content Creators - Great Forge for Beginner or pro - Snazzy Safety Glasses - Chris' Favorite Face shield - Rigid Double Horn Anvil - Powerline Video Editing Software - -------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by - Epidemic Sound Help support the channel and us as artists by becoming a patreon. Ilya's Patreon - Matt's Patreon - Follow us on Instagram to track progress on these and other projects. #bladesmith #howto #knifemaking Matt's Instagram - Ilya's Instagram - Chris' Instagram -
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