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Forging Hammers/Bottle Openers, Shop Upgrades and Bladeshow 2020 !

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Thanks to World of Warships for sponsoring this video! Download the game here: and use the code BATTLESTATIONS2020 to win a lot of freebies: 250 Doubloons, 3 Days Premium Account, Premium Ship USS Charleston, +1 Port Slot As we continue to work on Bladeshow 2020 projects, Ilya hot fits his cross guard on to his mosaic damascus sword. We make a stand for our new Brodbeck Ironworks Grinder, Ilya forges some bladesmithing hammers and Chris makes some commemorative bottle openers for Bethlehem Steel. Forging, Fabrication and much much more ! Big shout out to our shop sponsor Red Labal Abrasives. For all of your sanding and grinding needs see Red Label and tell them that That Works sent you ! ► Visit our website for available items for sale ★ ★ T-Shirts - Our Grinders - Please consider supporting us by sharing this video to help spread the word! Shot, Produced and edited by - Matt Stagmer Co-producer Ilya Alekseyev -------------------------------------------------------------- Helpful purchase links for creators and craftsmen A Great Starter Anvil - Camera Starter Pack for Content Creators - Great Forge for Beginner or pro - Snazzy Safety Glasses - John's Favorite Face shield - Rigid Double Horn Anvil - Powerline Video Editing Software - -------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by - Epidemic Sound Help support the channel and us as artists by becoming a patreon. Ilya's Patreon - Matt's Patreon - Follow us on Instagram to track progress on these and other projects. Matt Stagmer - @matt_at_arms on instagram Ilya Alekseyev - @slavicsmith on instagram #bladeshow2020 #Bethlehemsteel #blacksmith
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