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Eye Strain Headache

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Headache is a very common complaint that can arise due to different reasons. Among them, eye strain may be one of them. How does eye strain result in a headache? This happens when the muscles of the eyes and around the eyes get tired of working hard to focus on an object. It may be a result of exposing oneself to prolonged screen time on computers and mobile; tired eyes from overuse or working in very dim or very bright light.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Eye Strain Headache

The top homeopathic medicines to manage eyestrain headache are Ruta, Natrum Mur, Belladonna, Phosphorus, Onosmodium, Silicea, Jaborandi and Phosphoric Acid.

1. Ruta – Top-Grade Medicine

This medicine is prepared from plant Ruta Graveolens commonly known as ‘Garden Rue’. It is a leading medicine in homeopathy for managing eyestrain headache. Persons needing it have headaches especially in the forehead. It is mostly pulsating type (frequent recurrence within small intervals of time). Along with this, there is reduced eyesight due to strain in the eyes. There is also aching in and over the eyes with blurred vision. Burning sensation and redness in the eyes may also occur along with these symptoms.

2. Natrum Mur For Headache And Itching, Burning In Eyes

This medicine works well in cases of eye strain headache and itching/ burning in eyes. The pain in the head is mostly confined over the eyes and top of the head in cases needing it. Pain worsens on moving the eyeballs. Sleep may help to relieve the pain in the head.  Smarting or shooting sensation may also be felt in eyes. Frequent watering from eyes can attend. Pressure in eyes is felt when looking at anything. Next, vision is cloudy when reading or writing. Sometimes double vision may accompany. Another attending complaint is sensitivity to bright light. Natrum Mur is also indicated for cases of blurred vision.

3. Belladonna – For Pulsating, Throbbing Pain In Head

This medicine is prepared from plant ‘deadly nightshade’. For using it, pain is pulsating/ throbbing type, most marked in the temporal region (means sides of the head). Heat is also felt in the head. Heaviness is felt on the sides of head and front of head. There is a feeling that the head would burst. The pain may get better by pressing the head in most cases requiring Belladona. Along with headache, redness and dryness is felt in the eyes. Burning/ shooting pain in eyes is also felt.

4. Phosphorus For Pain On The Sides Of Head

This medicine is effective when pain occurs on the sides of the head. The pain can travel from one side of the head to the other. For using it, the pain can be pressing/ burning/ pulsating or boring (from outside to inside) in nature. The eyes feel strained, itching may also be felt in the eyes. Other attending symptoms are sensitivity to light, blurred vision, double vision, and burning sensation in the eyes.

5. Onosmodium For Pain In Back Of Head From Eye Strain

It is prepared from a plant Onosmodium Virginianum having common name ‘False Gromwell’. It is suitable for cases having pain in the back of head (occiput) associated with eye strain. Heaviness and dull pain is felt in occiput. Soreness (pain on touching) and stiffness may also occur. It may extend down the spine. Along with this, there is feeling of tension in the eyes. Strained feeling in the eyes also attends the above symptoms.

6. Silicea – For Pain In Back Of Head That Extends Upward And Forward

It is a very beneficial medicine for cases in which pain begins from the back of head and then extends upward and forward over both sides. Other than this, it is also indicated when there is intense headache above eyes with inability to open the eyes. A pressure on the eyes is felt as if some heavy weight has been placed on the forehead. Other symptoms that can attend are pain, dryness and tension in eyes; pressure and soreness in eyes.

7. Jaborandi – For Headache And Burning Sensation In Eyes

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant ‘Pilocarpus pinnatifolius’. Use of this medicine is considered when there is easy tiring of eyes along with headache and burning sensation in eyes. There occurs pain in the front part of head and top of the head. Sometimes there is pain on the sides of head which is pulsating type. Sharp stinging sensation is also felt in the eyes in addition to the above symptoms.

8. Phosphoric Acid – For Dull Headache From Eye Strain

It is an important medicine for managing dull type of headache that occur from eye strain. In cases needing it, the headache mostly extends forward from behind, along with heaviness in the head. There is relief on lying down. Pressing pain is felt in the eyes and the eyeballs appear to be too large. Other than this, watering from eyes and sensitivity to light is felt.

 9. Hamamelis For Headache And Sore Pain In Eyes

This natural medicine is prepared from fresh bark of twigs and root of plant Hamamelis virginica (or Hamamelis dioica) commonly called ‘witch-hazel’. It is a helpful medicine to manage headache from eye strain and sore pain in eyes. Eyes are painful on the slightest pressure. There is sharp pain in the temples. In some cases, dull throbbing pain is felt in the back and top of head. Heaviness is felt in the head as if the head would burst any time .

What Are The Reasons Behind It?

1. First reason behind it is exposing oneself to screen time on computers and mobiles for long hours without taking any break. Blinking occur less frequently while viewing a screen that irritates the eyes and causes dryness and strain on eyes. The symptoms worsen in this case if the digital screen is at an incorrect distance, there is excessive glare on screen, or poor posture is maintained while working on digital screen.

2. The second reason is doing work that requires constant focus of eyes for long time period, like reading, sewing, driving for long distance without taking any break, etc.

3. Vision problems and uncorrected refractive error can also lead to it. In such case, the eye has to strain excessively to clearly see an image that makes them tired. It includes farsightedness (the person can see the distant objects clearly but has difficulty in focusing on objects that are close to them). Next is nearsightedness (the person can see near objects clearly but has difficulty seeing far away objects clearly). Another reason is astigmatism (in this condition, the shape of the cornea becomes irregular that results in difficulty in focusing on objects at certain angles). Dry eyes and inflamed eyes can also cause headache.

4. Last reason is working in either excessive bright or dim light. 

What other symptoms can attend eyestrain headache?

It may be accompanied by other symptoms of eye strain. These include dryness of eyes or watering from eyes, blurred vision, itchy eyes, burning sensation in eyes, double vision, soreness of eyes, sensitivity to light, problem in concentration and pain in neck, shoulder and back.

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