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DICE THRONE : Santa Vs Krampus Review

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Quick Look: DICE THRONE : Santa Vs Krampus

Designers: Gavan Brown, Nate Chatellier, Manny Trembley
Artists: Damien Mammoliti, Manny Trembley
Publisher: Roxley Games
Year Published: 2022

No. of Players: 2

Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 30 minutes.

Rating: 9.8


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house… laughter and competitive play was heard even by my spouse. We were playing Dice Throne: Santa vs Krampus.

If you prefer sugarplums and can tell me what those actually are, then bringing great cheer to the game is your calling and SANTA is the character you want by far.  Me? Well, I can always count on the many misfit toys that add a wonderful menacing alternate deck and a fabulous mechanic to the game.  If you have not played Dice Thrones then please see my review HERE .  Yes I am a fan of the game, the designers, the artist, and the way you can bring any notable fictional and non-fictional character to the to the table and it not feel like the same old same old with each play.  You know, like the same gift of candles that Aunt May brings to each years festivities. Ok, I actually love the smell of them lit up through the holiday break!

Dice Throne Santa vs Krampus offers a great theme for any holiday setting and is available as a separate two-character box set from the original Season 1, Season 2, or the

latest Marvel Series which we also reviewed HERE.

Its Reindeer Games without the red cheeks I get from one to many spiked egg nogs. As Santa, you often have opportunities to do good things for the other player that causes the opponent to feel just a little naughty when they PUMMEL THE OLD MANS HEALTH DOWN TOWARDS ZERO! Santa delivers the aforementioned egg nog as a positive status effect on himself offering ways to heal his present giving soul while turning into nothing short of an axe murderer when inflicting gaping wounds of green seeping ooze out of his opponent Krampus.  Oh it is so sensationally sweet and savory satisfying. Like that moment when you have engulfed the candy cane down to just the rounded part that fits into your mouth completely for a minty wonderland of love. Though that might be a personal holiday fetish of mine.

Krampus is the player who spends the session misbehaving , delivering bad tidings and spoilers to every move Santa tries to make.  Using those REJECT toys of his, he dishes out jack-in-the-box like surprises with every card play and roll of the dice and delivers presents of his own full of COAL Tokens that reduces Santas funds to fuel his slay each turn. And that rejected toy crew, even Cindy Lou Who, who is no more than two would fear, ensures Santa ends the evening nightcap of games with a loss if they are not doused with his own weaponry of CHEER! And with a stack limit of just three, he has to make them count!

So make Dice Throne Santa vs Krampus a part of your week off or your visits away on a holiday flight, and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good GAME NIGHT!

After reading Bogue’s review, if this sounds like a game for you at the time of this posting Dice-Throne-Inc-Krampus-Strategy is available for purchase. Check it out and get yours HERE.

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Shane “Bogue” Bogardus- Reviewer

Born and discarded to the wolves of the great Northern Planes, Bogue grew up a nomad. His recluse behavior landed him in the penitentiary of the Witchic County Municipality with a population 2 -A man and his dog. Life was always a game set on hardcore until he met a mild mannered digital publisher who took him under his wing and showed him the miracles of game design and play testing.  Now he is a thriving member of the Everything Board Games review team and lives with his long lost mother and his pet ferret named Meeple in Austin, TX. (Translation: A retired broadcast television and radio broadcaster turned financial planner.  Bogue is an entrepreneur at heart owning multiple businesses including the latest www.Meepology.comdedicated to growing and maximizing the gaming experience 

for current and new gamers to the hobby. He and his son hosts the monthly joystickshow.compodcast on video game reviews heard anywhere you get your downloads. Bogue lives with his wife, two teenage boys and his dog “Pepper Potts” in Austin, TX.)

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