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Blueberry's Special New Home

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Blueberry the blue tonged skink needed an upgraded habitat that was better suited to meet all of her needs. Thanks to the support from our donors, we were able to give her a sweet new home! Our Video Sponsors: Lucka Kelbl Riley Oosting Christina Schwam Eileen Stone Francis Peterson Tori Zecchini Sonny Sandberg Rob Nielsen Alex Andy Teresa Whitlock Scott Hartranft Jools Lloyd Bitoku Lachi Steven Kent GR Kulikowsky Daniel Fowler Kevin Rangersyl Kerstin Soderquist Jer Scott Tengesdal Paul Ferrari Wes Ragnhild Xin Ye Brandon Metheny Thank you so much for helping make these videos possible! If you'd like your name here or featured at the end of an episode, you can become a sponsor at -- Looking for more awesome animal stuff? Subscribe to Animal Wonders Montana to see all of our videos! Youtube: Other places to find us: Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Amazon Wishlist:
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