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Best Sword of the Year - Bladeshow 2021

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Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this video. Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at and use promo code THATWORKS20 at checkout! We go to Bladeshow 2021 presented by Blade Magazine. Ilya and Matt present their bladeshow project swords. We unveil who won Best Sword of the Year award. We also highlight some of the best makers at bladeshow and some new makers as well. We visit some booths from our shop sponsors and much much more. Bladesmith heaven at bladeshow 2021 Artists in order of appearance : Steve Schwarzer - Kyle Royer - Kevin Cashen - Stephen Fowler - @Will Stelter - Roy Scott - Brodbeck Ironworks - Coal Iron Works - Even heat - John Bradley - Ryan Breuer - Erik Greiner - Sarah - Mike Nelson - JJ Simon - Sawyer Hibbard - Derrick Kemper - Collin Maguire - Jarrett Cieslak - Brian Brown - Bubba - Thanks to our shop sponsors: Red Label Abrasives - Brodebeck Ironworks Grinders - Harris Torches - Evenheat Kilns - Lincoln Electric - ISOtunes - save $10 with code ThatWorks10 - Pepe Tools - Videos Shot, Produced and edited by - Matt Stagmer Co-producer - Ilya Alekseyev Brand Manager - Chris Cash -------------------------------------------------------------------- Helpful purchase links for creators and craftsmen A Great Starter Anvil - Camera Starter Pack for Content Creators - Great Forge for Beginner or pro - Snazzy Safety Glasses - Chris' Favorite Face shield - Rigid Double Horn Anvil - Powerline Video Editing Software - -------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by - Epidemic Sound Help support the channel and us as artists by becoming a patreon. Ilya's Patreon - Matt's Patreon - Follow us on Instagram to track progress on these and other projects. #bladeshow2021 #BestSword #blademagazine Matt's Instagram - Ilya's Instagram - Chris' Instagram -
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