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5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies For Muscle Pain And Aches

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Homeopathic Remedies for muscle pain and aches

Applying an ointment or spraying a pain reliever is the general tendency of almost everyone suffering from muscle pain, medically known as myalgia. However, it only provides temporary relief and the real cause of muscle pain is not addressed. Here’s where homeopathy can be of real help. The natural homeopathic remedies for muscle pain not only provide relief, but also strike at the root of the problem and cure muscle pain effectively. They are also completely safe with no side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines For Muscle Pain

The leading homeopathic medicines for managing muscle pain includes Rhus Tox, Bryonia, Arnica, Ruta, Magnesium Phos and Gelsemium.

1. Rhus Tox – Top-Grade Medicine

Rhus Tox is at the top position when it comes to treating muscle pain. This medicine can be used to relieve muscle pain anywhere in the body. The key indication to use it is when muscle pain gets worse at rest but gets better with movement. It is the best medicine to help cases of muscle pain arising from overuse of a muscle, over-straining or over-stretching of muscle, like muscle pain from doing excessive exercise, pain in leg muscles from excessive running, pain in muscles of the arm from carrying heavy weights, neck pain from prolonged working on computers, back pain from heavy weight lifting or a sudden jerky movement and so on. Rhus Tox can be used for pain in any muscle of the body. It is a wonderful medicine for muscular pain, along with stiffness, particularly in the neck which aggravates towards the evening. Secondly, Rhus Tox is a very beneficial for muscle pain and stiffness in the lower back which gets worse on sitting and lying down, but moving about relieves it. It is a leading medicine to help cases of lower back pain due to straining of muscles from heavy weight lifting. This medicine also relieves pain in deltoid muscle (muscle covering shoulder and upper part of outer side of the upper arm) where stitching pain is felt in shoulders while lying down which gets better from movement.

When and How to use Rhus Tox?

This medicine can be used as the first line of treatment in case of muscle pain in any body part. This medicine gives great relief in muscle pain arising from whatsoever reason. Rhus Tox is most frequently used in 30C potency. Initially, it requires frequent repetition and can be taken three to four times a day. Once relief sets in, dose should be reduced. If using in 200C potency, do not take it more than once or twice a day.

2. Bryonia – For Muscle Pain On Movement

Bryonia is a natural medicine sourced from root of plant ‘wild hops’. It is a brilliant medicine for muscle pain treatment. The characteristic symptom to use this medicine is muscle pain which gets worse on movement and better by lying still. It is effective for neck muscle pain and pain in muscles of the lower back. Movement and stooping are not possible. Next Bryonia, is prominently indicated for pain and soreness of abdominal muscles from coughing. Lastly, it offers help for cases of pain in chest muscles.

When and How to use Bryonia?

Bryonia can be given in case of muscle pain during movement, while relief sets in from lying down. It gives excellent results in 30C potency. It can be taken two to three times a day as per the severity of the pain.

3. Arnica – For Sore Painful Muscles From An Injury Or Overexertion

Arnica is the most useful medicine when it comes to treat sore, painful muscles from an injury or overexertion. Muscle injury may occur from a traumatic fall or a blow against something hard. The affected muscle is very tender to touch along with pain. Besides, Arnica is also indicated for muscle pain in case of influenza (a viral infection affecting nose, throat and sometimes lungs).

When and How to use Arnica?

If you have suffered muscle pain from overexertion or an injury, Arnica is the best prescription for you. It is an infallible medicine in such cases bringing relief in pain, along with aiding healing of injured muscle. Take it in 30C potency three to four times a day at a three-hour gap. When pain starts receding, reduce the dose to twice followed by once a day.

4. Ruta – For Muscle Pain Due To Strain (Pulled Muscle)

Ruta is a magnificent medicine to deal with cases of muscle pain from strain, which is overstretching or tearing of the muscle. Muscle pull can occur from using muscle in the wrong way, overuse of muscle, or an accident. Persons needing it feel sore with aching bruised pain in the affected muscle area. This medicine helps in pain relief along with relaxation and healing of the over-stretched muscle.

When and How to use Ruta?

Ruta is most prominently indicated to manage muscle pain arising from overstretching or tearing. 30 C potency of Ruta is the right choice to start with that can be used three to four times a day.

 5. Magnesium Phos – For Muscle Pain From Cramps

Magnesium Phos is the top-listed medicine to relieve muscle cramps – sudden involuntary muscle contraction (tightness). It works well for pain occurring from cramps in any body muscle but especially calves (muscle in back of lower leg) and feet. In cases needing it, a person complains of cramps from prolonged exertion and also at night.

When and How to use Magnesium Phos?

This medicine is the perfect prescription for muscle pain due to cramps. The most frequently recommended potency of this medicine is 6X that comes in tablet form. Magnesium Phos 6X can be used three to four times a day as per intensity of the pain.

 6. Gelsemium – For Muscle Pain Along With Weakness And Heaviness

It is a herbal medicine prepared from root of the plant ‘yellow jasmine’. It is an important medicine to manage muscle pain attended with heaviness and weakness in the affected part. Mostly, it helps with muscle pain in the limbs (arms and legs). The affected muscle area is sore to touch other than being painful, weak and heavy. It is a highly valuable medicine to manage muscle pain that occurs in influenza cases along with fatigue.

When and How to use Gelsemium?

Use of Gelsemium is suggested when heaviness and weakness in affected area is marked along with muscle pain. Though it works well in both low and high potencies, it is better to begin with low potencies. Gelsemium 30C can be taken twice or thrice a day.

What Are The Causes Behind Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain can be localised in one muscle or a few muscles or generalised involving muscles all over the body.

Muscle pain can arise from any of the following reasons:

1. Overstretching, overuse / overstraining muscles from excessive physical activity, muscle tension; muscle cramp is the main reason behind muscle pain.

2. Injury or trauma to muscle including strains

3. Certain medical conditions:

a). Fibromyalgia: It is a chronic long term condition in which there is widespread musculoskeletal pain and tenderness along with other symptoms including fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, difficulties with memory and concentration and mood problems.

b). Chronic fatigue Syndrome: In this syndrome, a person suffers from extreme fatigue / exhaustion along with unexplained muscle pain, memory issues, concentration problems, sleep problems

c). Thyroid issues: Muscle pain can occur in both hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).

d). Certain Infections:  like flu (influenza), COVID – 19, Lyme disease

Flu: it is a contagious viral infection affecting nose, throat and lungs.

COVID – 19: It is a highly contagious viral infection caused by SARS – CoV -2 virus

Lyme disease: It is a bacterial infection caused by bacterium Borrelia which is spread by ticks.

e). Autoimmune diseases (the diseases in which the body’s defence/immune cells starts to destroy body’s healthy tissues out of a mistake). These includes dermatomyositis and polymyositis.

Dermatomyositis is an inflammatory disease causing a skin rash and muscle inflammation.

Polymyositis is a muscle disease causing muscle inflammation leading to muscle weakness and pain.

f). Polymyalgia rheumatica: It is a chronic inflammatory condition leading to pain and stiffness in muscles, mainly hips and shoulders.

g). Compartment Syndrome: It arises from pressure build-up in a muscle compartment. It results in obstructed flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the muscles, nerves and blood vessels resulting in its damage.

4. Electrolyte imbalance: Low potassium or calcium

5. Certain medicines like statins, bisphosphonates, ACE inhibitors

Which muscles are commonly affected with pain?

The pain can involve any muscle of the body but the main muscles that ache are deltoid muscle (muscle covering shoulder and upper part of outer side of the upper arm), muscles of neck, muscles of lower back, calf muscles (muscles of back of leg) and thigh muscles.

What other signs and symptoms can attend muscle pain?

Muscle pain can be attended with stiffness and weakness of muscle area involved, sometimes can be attended with fever. In some cases, rashes can appear on the skin. At times, redness and swelling at affected site is seen denoting infection.

Tips For Muscle Pain Management

1.Give the area affected proper rest

2. Apply ice pack to affected part of body (for 24 to 72 hrs) to relieve inflammation and pain. After about 3 days apply heat to the affected part.

3. Massage may be helpful

4. Avoid weight lifting till the time muscle pain is completely gone

5. Take enough sleep and reduce stress

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